Tattooing :

A tattoo is ink that has been pushed down into the middle layers of the skin. What makes it stay is the placement, about one eighth of an inch down, at just the right depth. Too deep and the body will absorb and remove the ink, leaving an uneven or pale design. Tattoo too shallowly and
the design will “heal out” and be carried away when the surface scab drops off the tattoo.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and the outer layer sheds every couple of days. It is so slow and subtle you usually don't notice as regular bathing removes this layer. Sometimes you may notice a tiny area peeling a bit when you dry yourself off after the shower and that's about it. Getting a major sunburn and peeling then is the extreme demonstration of this procedure and most of us who feel and see that don't want to repeat it.

Stick-on Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a thin plastic or dye that sticks to the surface of your arm or torso or ankle. They will last for several days before slowly peeling off. They usually can be washed off with an oil or rubbing alcohol depending on what they are made of. They can be made to last longer by not letting water run right on them when you bathe and by patting them dry gently, NOT rubbing which will scrape the design off. When they do tattoos in movies, they repaint everybody daily to maintain the look using alcohol based paint/makeup that won't come off in water or with sweat.

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