Henna has been used safely (except in Africa) for 5000+ years. We make no claims of professional health care degrees but would like to pass on to you all we know regarding henna and it's affects on different people. By using our products you assume liability for any damage, intentional or not. As with any cosmetic product, if you are unsure about sensitivity or allergenic reactions to natural henna, mehendi / mehndi oil (a blend of eucalyptus, clove and essential oils) the adhesive backing on the stencils Body Art jewelry or body paints, do a test spot on skin (most commonly done behind the ear for allergies) and watch for any reaction. These products are not intended for use around eyes, mouth or for internal ingestion. Do not use on broken skin. It is not recommended for use on children under 6 or if you are known to have G6PD deficient red cells, an inherited defect known in certain parts of the world.

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