Mehendi - Symbolising love and traditions

Fair hands decorated with mehendi have arrested the attention of lovers and inspired the poets for ages. The tiny green leaves of mehendi give a deep red colour when crushed while perfume is derived from its flowers.

Mehendi is also an excellent conditioner for hair and used to colour premature grey hair. Mehendi has a cooling property and helps to cool the body in summers. The red colour of mehendi is a symbol of love. The darker the colour, deeper is the love of the maiden for her lover. Applying mehendi is an important ritual on Karva Chauth when married women in North India fast for the long life of their husbands.

Itís in the intricate designs that take hours to create, the deep crimson colour, which shines clearly on the skin, the earthy aroma that fills the air. Fashion is a funny thing. It allows an age-old tradition to suddenly become trendy. Yes, itís that time of the year again, when women make a beeline for the ones who have mastered the art of applying the cool, ethnic and hep, mehendi!

Womenfolk are sprucing up, busy jamming the salons and queuing at mehendiwallahs. And why not when the marketing mantras are promising more than the moon!

It is festivals like these that make mehendiwallahs wish that every day was Karva Chauth. It is the time when it becomes difficult to find a mehendiwallah who is free enough to decorate the hands of both married and unmarried women with intricate designs of fragrant henna.





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