Mehendi Decor

Mehendi ceremony is an important pre wedding rituals. And according to Hindu customs and traditions it is usually celebrated at bride's place. Mehendi ceremony is an indispensable part of Hindu wedding culture. Today most of the people celebrate pre wedding functions at home. So it is important to decorate their houses for these occasions be it sangeet, tilak or mehndi. But each of the functions should be celebrated separately with different décor. Nowadays people are going for simple and minimalist décor. The female relatives and friends of the bride mostly celebrate Mehendi. It is a ladies party as everybody applies haldi to the bride to bring out her fair complexion. And a professional mehendiwali is called to apply mehendi to the bride's feet and hands. Sometimes close female relative of the bride also apply mehendi. At this event, of mehendi the bride is adorned with henna, jewelry and silks. Traditionally the intimate group consists of female relatives from the bride and groom's side. People hire a henna artist a day or two before the wedding to entertain out of town guests and get them in the mood of the wedding. The home is decorated with rangoli to give a festive touch. To give a traditional touch people brings traditional mehendiwalis who entertain the guests. For mehandi people likes to give a ethnic look to the home décor.




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