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Learn Mehendi

Fully believing in the philosophy that Knowledge only grows by sharing, I consider it our pleasure to share our skills with individuals interested and learning the art of Mehendi Design. 

Mehndi / Mehendi Art course by Rashmi Jain.

The course covers the following.

# How to make / preparing Mehendi / Henna Cones.

# How to apply Mehendi / Henna. Simple design Sketches

# Advanced design techniques of Bridal, Modern & Rajasthani designs etc.

Class Duration - 2 hours  Course Duration: Usually it requires 8 classes depending on student.

At the end of the course, you will be awarded with certificate and can improve your skills on your own to become an expert Artist. Mehendiworld.com provide all the required material for the course along with some copies of designs on paper.

At present, the classes are conducted at the following address.

C o n t a c t  for  D e t a i l s :

52/6, VIP Road Road, Near Big Bazaar,
Phase 2, Flat # 708,
Kolkata - 700 059, India
Phone: +91-9433099808
Email : rashmi@mehendiworld.com

Rashmi Jain taking Mehendi / Heena class
for a student from Hong Kong

    Indian body painting catching on in America
    Reinventing mehndi for body art 
    Mehendi in the West 
    Mehndi - The Vital Ingredient in Any Wedding 
    Mehndi as fashion accessory
    Mehendi - Symbolising love and traditions
    Where on the Body is Henna / Mehendi used?
    How long does mehendi (mehndi) stay on body?
    How to remove henna or mehendi design?
    Mehendi History 
    Mehendi Tips : Do's & Don'ts
    What is Black Henna?
    What is Red Henna? 
    What is Neutral Henna? 
    Another Mehendi Recipe
    Sugar and Lemon Juice Fixative 
    No Mehendi, No Marriage 
    MEHENDI : Dye for Marriages

    Mehendi Decor
Mehandi : Process....
Tips for better Mehendi results!
Tips for preparation
Advice: Never use BLACK HENNA
Mehndi - Green Gives Red
Directions & Reciepe for Mehendi Cone :
Applying Mehendi on Hairs
How to make polypack Mehandi / Heena Cone:




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