Tattoo: Is Tattooing Safe?

Tattooing is safe if proper sterilization and infection control standards are practiced. Basically, this means anything that comes in contact with blood / body fluids must either be disposed of (single - use) or sterilized. However, there are some serious health concerns. Needles and other equipment used for tattoos or body piercing that are not sterilized or disinfected, or are used inappropriately among clients, increase the risk for transmitting infectious diseases such as hepatitis, tetanus, and even HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). Researchers say the infection can be passed through the reuse of needles or dye and poor sterilization practices and techniques, such as when a tattoo artist pricks the back of his hand with a needle to determine if it's sharp enough. Scarring, swelling, infections, discharges, skin thickening, allergic reactions, and other complications may occur if procedures are done incorrectly or the skin is not cared for properly.


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